For Investors

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Whether you are an investor flipping homes part time or a busy investment group, you know the estimated costs that would be involved in rehabbing an investment property before buying it.  You have a budget in mind for repairs, construction, painting, remodeling and whatever else it will take to prepare the home for sale.  The ultimate goal is to sell the home for a profit.  Home staging should be figured into your marketing budget in order to increase showings, move the properties as fast as possible and at the best price.  You can’t afford not to stage or take a chance on the home sitting on the market too long thereby reducing your profit margin.  Home staging is always less than your first price reduction on the listing.

Distinctive Styling has been in business since 2009 providing recommendations on various home improvement projects, paint colors as well as staging vacant houses for maximum return.  Property investors should contact us before the work has begun for suggestions on how to make the home more salable.

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With our in-depth consultation service, we develop a detailed room by room plan with recommended on trend paint colors, cabinetry, finishes, flooring, lighting and design ideas that would be appropriate for the home.

Vacant Home Staging

With our professional vacant staging expertise, we create a staging plan suitable for the target buyer and style the home with rented furniture and accessories.

  • An estimated staging quote range can be provided by phone.  If this quote is within your budget, we will preview the home and send you a proposal.  A small preview fee may apply for certain properties which would be credited back upon hire.
  • Staging packages with furniture and accessory rental are available for key rooms or all rooms as needed depending on the property.  We stage all homes whether small houses, condos, or townhouses to larger and higher end or luxury homes.
  • Leases for furniture and decor are offered with 2 month term minimums or longer if necessary.